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When I was a teenager, we often had friends in our home after school. Mom drew us into her kitchen with the smell of her amazing home-cooked goodness. She became famous for her frijoles refritos (refried beans), her smokin’ salsa, and for making space for us kids to gather. Mom created a strong sense of home. Through here “adelante” (come in) and “comen, comen” (eat, eat) offering, she lived the motto, mi casa es su casa. Of the many things she taught me, to create, work hard, and share with others were at the heart of her guidance. This site is my offering and way of saying “adelante.” Sharing my art is keeping mom’s mi casa es su casa legacy alive. Afterall, heart & soul is what makes inspiring art and a home, right? Enjoy this feast of color and creative expression!



As a creative, I consider myself to be an intuitive artist and a curator of color. My love of color, particularly vibrant ones, strongly influences my artistic choices. I attribute my obsession with bold, energizing, and vibrant colors to my Latino heritage. I draw inspiration from connecting with nature, people, and cultural influences. Symbolism, uplifting messages, and empowering imagery appear on my canvas in unexpected, yet intentional ways.

I’m a passionista! My passion for life strengthens my dedication to personal growth and to what I call deep living. My life’s calling is to make a positive difference in the world with art, design, and transformational work. My aspiration is that my work will empower others to feel alive and inspired!




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Love Notes


“When I saw the designs of Inspiráh I knew I just had to have some of these – for my clients as thank you gifts, and also for my own personal use.
Everytime I wear my Inspirah hats, I attract so many compliments.

You will find it hard to only buy one color….”

Megan Lane, Olympia, WA
“It would be easy for me to be enthusiastic about the ‘inspire’ beanie that was gifted to me by my sister simply because of the gift. But the fact is that I really love the beanie because it feels so good wearing it! The fit is spot on, the quality of the knit is clearly premium, and the design SCREAMS inspiration. Additionally, Inspiráh’s mission is to help kids overcome trauma through creative expression which makes me feel proud to wear the product. On so many levels, congrats and I’m so proud, sis…”
Octavio Becerra, New York, NY
“I purchased five bejeweled caps from Inspiráh to give as gifts, but I loved them so much I kept two for myself! The colors and craftsmanship are excellent and I feel good about purchasing products that help kids overcome trauma through creative expression.”
Ronelle Funk, Olympia, WA
“I so love my “inspire” cap, and I can’t believe how many compliments I get every time I wear it! I’m thinking one in every color?”
Liz Jamieson, Lacey, WA

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