Hello Friends! At the end of last year, I took on a 30-day painting challenge after not having done one in many months. A bit hesitant to take on the challenge, especially with the holidays in full swing, I decided to do one anyway. The fruits of completing such a challenge are mostly internal, such as increased self-respect, deep satisfaction, and developing skills. But, the external ones are incredibly gratifying, as well.

In this week’s video, I share some of the physical results by showing you several new pieces of art that are waiting to enliven a residential or business space! My hope is that by sharing the results from dedicating myself to making a daily effort at something I love, that you might consider taking on (if you haven’t already) a 30-day challenge of your own. If you decide to, make it something you love to do, want to get better at, or want to start doing. You will learn so much about yourself, grow new feathers on your wings, and relish in your results. Please share your 30-day challenge results with us and let us know what you learned by leaving comments below.

I wish that you have fun as you show up every day to what you declare important to your heart and soul.

With mucho inspiration,