Today, was an interesting day of events where giving and receiving seemed to flow. It started with my husband, Mark, taking a few extra minutes from his morning routine to add a couple of gallons of “reserve” gas to my very low tank. Sigh. I had an opportunity to receive. He had an opportunity to give. Both are equally important.

I was preparing for an interview video recording for a local organization that I love. I was greeted with so much genuine appreciation that it contributed to the flow of giving and receiving for the next several hours. My participation was a chance to express sincere gratitude for this organization and the women who run it. I had an opportunity to give. They had an opportunity to receive. Both are equally important.

As I left the organization, I saw an elderly lady in the parking lot who looked lost. She needed directions to the local DMV. Having only been there once or twice in 15 years, I couldn’t remember its exact location. Fortunately, there was SIRI. She was able to provide the elderly lady with clear directions to her destination. There was such a sweet flow of energy between the lady and me. I had the opportunity to give. She had the opportunity to receive. Both are equally important.

Give & Receive

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Later, over lunch with two wise and beautiful friends I enjoyed a lively conversation about giving and receiving. We explored the importance of both. We all know the fulfillment and satisfaction we feel when we give because we want to give. We feel enriched, filled up, and a sense of joy. One of my friends pointed out that when we receive we allow others the gift of what it feels like to give. We agreed that receiving keeps energy flowing. This conversation left me feeling fluid and abundant.

On my way home from lunch, in a hurry to give my doggies their afternoon treat, my car lost power. What? What’s happening?! I realized that I ran out of gas (yes, I passed two gas stations on the way home). Mark warned me that I only had 40 miles worth of gas in the tank. So, why-oh-why (dare I ask) am I in this predicament? Hmmm.

I pulled over to the side of a country road. So many things ran through my head, “Call Mark,” “don’t call Mark, you were supposed to get gas this morning,” “call a friend” “nah, I don’t want to bug anyone,” “call AAA– but you only have 1 more rescue call until you renew your membership…sure you want to do this?” As, these thoughts raced through my head, I had to make a decision quickly since my cell phone was also low on juice. The former me (prior to the give/receive conversation at lunch) would have resorted to AAA as the only solution. Call. Sit. Wait. But, the new me was open to the magic of possibility. So, I did the following:

• Opened a rescue me ticket with AAA
• Posted a rescue me request on FB
• Made a few calls to friends in the area
• Stayed on the look-out for a Sherriff who might be able to help

Within moments of my many SOS efforts, a few people stopped to see if I was ok, and my friend Russell drove by in his 4×4 truck. He assured me he had time to lend a hand. I cancelled my AAA ticket. He drove me to the gas station to get some gas, and filled the tank when we returned to my car. In 25 minutes, we were both on our way. He had the opportunity to give. I had the opportunity to receive. Both are equally important.

Giving Hands

I am aware that the universe is a vast field of moving and inter-connected energy. It’s giving and receiving in all moments.

My lessons for the day so far.
1. Sometimes we’re the givers. Sometimes we’re the receivers. Be present to both. Both are equally important.
2. Fill’er up before your tank gets too low!

Friends, this awareness of being in the flow of giving and receiving has me feeling more relaxed, connected, and in the Universe’s flow.
I hope your day presents opportunities for both. They are both equally important.

What are your reflections on giving and receiving? How does giving and receiving enrich your life? Please share an insight or two with us.