Hola Amigos! Over the past year, I’ve been painting figures that are conceptually abstract. They’re abstract in the sense that they are genderless, not overly expressive, and/or usually adorned with recognizable or indistinct symbols. It’s become clear that they appear in my paintings because they are here to teach me something, and hopefully to inspire others. They are suggestive in nature, usually prompting or provoking reflection and inquiry. They are a delight to paint, because in as much as they resemble one another, each one is totally unique.

As an artist, I rely on and trust the flow of intuition in my work. I’ve come to understand that whatever I paint (and I do mean what ever ) it’s perfect. Perfect in that it’s exactly what the moment, that exact moment of creation, needed to express. It may be something that is pleasing to the eye or something I want to dispose of right away. Fortunately, the latter dosn’t happen too often. I understand that it’s the expression that is perfect, regardless of the result. There is tremendous amount of freedom in this approach to creating, because it reduces self-conscious tendencies and instead focuses attention on the creative process.

I cherish the lessons that painting provides. Making art reveals my limited beliefs like when I tell myself I’m not a good enough artist. It teaches me to see things from different perspectives like when I rotate my canvas 90 or 180 degrees and paint from a new vantage point. Painting causes me to grow by providing ongoing opportunities to acknowledge how perfect a creation is simply because it came into being. And that in itself is perfect.

Life is messy, yet perfect. Relationships are complicated, yet perfect. Goals are difficult, and absolutely perfect. What makes them perfect is the opportunities they offer to learn more about ourselves and others, and the call to grow.

This piece is called Higher Ground. Painting it taught me to redefine what perfect means to me. And for that, I am grateful.

Here’s to redefining what perfection means in our lives!

With mucho inspiration,