Hello Friends! Do you often get overwhelmed by the many details that your business, professional, or personal lives require? Do you find yourself surrounded by a huge halo of thoughts and details that make it difficult to focus and concentrate? As a creative entrepreneur, I have the ongoing challenge of living with abundant creative ideas and inspirations swirling around my head which often leads to feeling overwhelmed and making it difficult (not impossible) to follow through on practical matters. But, because I’m committed to growing my creative business, and living with intention and ease, I have developed practices that reduce overwhelm. They’re simple, easy to implement and effective. In today’s episode, I share with you a handful of ideas to help you transform overwhelm energy into focused and productive energy.

Because we all have different practices to help us grow, I’d love to hear what it is you do to shift out of overwhelm and into a natural and productive flow. Please share your ideas and comments below. Hope you enjoy this episode.

Here’s to doing life in a more relaxed, focused, and highly productive way!

With big doses of inspiration,