Hey there friends! This has been quite the week. So much happening. Working on my business goals, started a robust and inspiring online business course (which I’ll share more about in the next few weeks), painting daily (more than two thirds of the way through my 90-day painting challenge), networking, had my first podcast interview this week (a big THANK YOU to the universe!) and all the family and life stuff that happens around here on a daily basis.

I’m committed to publishing one content-rich video per week, but with all the above happening, I had to scale down my expectation this week. This week’s video is totally casual and something I was inspired to do on the fly. It felt like a chance to share with y’all how I get inspired in the midst of a busy work day.

It was a gorgeous afternoon, and the blue sky and sunshine called me to join the deliciousness of the day. And so I did. My body instantly craved to lay on the earth and connect with her loving energy. Almost instantly, I saw my busy mind calm and my body relax. Like a glass of wine, the effect was warm and relaxing. Grounding our energy with the Earth’s seems like a forgotten primal need. It’s one of the most natural things to do. Yet, modern life makes it seem so inaccessible, unnatural, and remote. But, when you do it…if feels like a remembrance. Like a natural thing to do.

Deep sigh, quiet thoughts, freedom from distractions. Beingness. Appreciation. Healing. Rest. Rejuvenation. These are the words that described my 15-minute grounding break. If you haven’t tried it since childhood or your young adult years, go do it now (if you live in an area where the whether permits it). If you already have a grounding practice, please share your favorite way to ground and what it does for you. What are some of the benefits? How often do you practice it? I’d love to hear your experiences.

Until next week, here’s to grounding and soaring!

With quiet inspiration,