Hey there Friends! Have you ever felt like you have volumes of creative energy and no real place to be alone with your muse to express it? Do you crave dedicated space that you can call your own for the purpose of creative expression? Perhaps you have a lot of space or not much at all, but deep down you know that if you made the time to designate a creative corner of your own, creativity would flow through you in abundant measures.

In this week’s episode, I share a few ideas to inspire you to bring that desire into reality. With a little space, lots of patience, and big doses of intention, it is possible to make that sacred creative space home to your muse.

As always, I’d love to expand the creative space conversation, so please leave comments with your ideas and stories on how you made space for your creativity.

Until the next episode of Feel Alive and InspiredI wish you a beautiful and blessed week!

With so much inspiration,