This piece called “Valentina” reflects self-love.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Friends! A while back, I decided to give Valentine’s Day a personal meaning. In general, I prefer to give personal meanings to things in my life. Valentine’s Day took on new meaning and became a day of expression that is not exclusive to romantic love, though my sweetheart is my primary Valentine.

It starts with self-love and extends to many people in my life, including my husband, my mom, a few girlfriends, and even my puppy. I keep things simple. I give handwritten cards to my loved ones, and sing Happy Valentine’s Day to the tune of Happy Birthday to my dog while hugging her. All that really matters is that they feel the energy of my love and appreciation.

“Together in Oneness” speaks to the love of humanity. Brotherly and sisterly connections.

I wish Valentine’s day was inclusive of all people and extended beyond the realm of couples. We all need to be loved up on especially on Valentine’s Day. Maybe this is a practice you already have, but if not, I invite you to think of 5 people that you appreciate and can love up on this Valentine’s Day. Let them know they matter to you and that they make a difference in your world. Have fun with it! It doesn’t have to be more than a phone call or text that says…you matter to me or you make a difference in my life!

“In To Me See” is the essence of intimacy.

Here’s to universal, romantic, brotherly, sisterly, earthly, and puppy love!