Last night it snowed in our sleep. It wasn’t expected in the forecast. Imagine waking up to this beauty. Snow. Our land covered in her sacred white powder. Of course, I thought of all the implications about how this would impact my activities for the day. Blocked roads. Cancelled appointments. Changed schedules. But, the child within me what THRILLED. Our neighbors from across the way came over to go sledding down the hill on our land which entertained us all and made for a really good time.
We strolled along with the pups. What is it about snow that make dogs spunky and more playful than usual? We love to see our Ebony energized by the snow and run around in glee. While our Princess eats scoops of snow along her path.
Before anyone walked the snow-covered land, in  it’s most pristine state, I took out my camera and clicked away.

branches in snow 3

This barren bush had layered branches with snow upon them, and all I could think was “this is absolute poetry.”


Here’s an intimate view of our orchard in it’s winter silence, conspiring of all the lucious fruit that will come forth in the months ahead.


This view from our front porch is the same view I sat with many times when I was thinking of buying our home. I looked at the land and spoke to the trees, saying “if you want us to live here as much as we want to live here, then you have to participate in making this dream happen.” It’s not always easy living far away from a cultural center (that’s a post for another time), but when I look at this view, I gasp and thank my lucky stars! I guess the land wanted us as much as we wanted the land!


It occurred to me this week that birdies need seeds available now. Not in the Spring when food is available and neighbors have their bird feeders full. They need seeds now, Food is scarce at this time of year. So, I started to make seeds readily available. And this is the gift I received in return. This chirpy and playful scene.

Thank you mother nature for all your generous goodness today.

Where did you find your inspiration today? Does snow speak to you? What does it say? I’d love to hear your inspirations in the comments below.

From my heart to yours.