About the Artist & Designer

Hello friends! Ever since I can remember, I’ve sought personal meaning in my life. As a child I loved to ask “why.” In fact, I still do. It was so important to understand the deeper significance of my life experiences. As a child, I enjoyed drawing and coloring for hours. In college, I decided that the only way I was going to graduate was if I studied something I loved. So I majored in Art and LOVED it!

After receiving a Masters in Education (Art) and following a rewarding 13-year career in corporate & business environments, it was time for change. This meant a return to my artistic roots, and the start of my creative business, Inspiráh. YES!

Today, I find fulfillment and big doses of bliss in creative expression. It’s my core. My center. My freedom. Some favorite mediums include painting, drawing, mixed media art, design, photography, and collage. I’m a passionista, curator of color, and a lover of the quest for what makes me feel alive and inspired!

Connection and contribution are important to me. When I do good for and with others I feel on purpose and deep satisfaction. This might mean marching for a cause, raising money for a fundraiser, donating to an organization, or connecting with someone for a good soul talk. My desire is to make my earthly visit purposeful, crazy creative, and genuinely inspiring.

So, why Inspiráh? To have an online studio space in which I can share my art – but that’s only part of the story. My deeper intention is to make a difference in the lives of others. By sharing my authentic self through my art, my words, and my life experiences, it’s my hope that others will be touched in a meaningful way and perhaps be inspired to express their own creativity more fully. I believe that when people are open to their true creativity and  express it authentically, the entire world benefits. Because we’re adding good juju into the energetic field of life.

I share life with my best friend and husband, Mark, who is my creative soul partner and is a talented composer. Originally from Los Angeles, we now live in the countryside in the Pacific Northwest with our two pups, Princess and Ebony. Most days, I count my lucky stars!

With so much inspiration,